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London, Saturday, June 28, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1151, p. 653.

June 28, 1862


"One conflict more, the fiercest and the last." This is what the American journals tell us to expect: its scene to be near Richmond; but the last mails record no new movement of the armies. General Jackson has, however, effected a masterly retreat over the mountains in defiance of the hot pursuit of the Federals; and he brings a very strong reinforcement to the Confederates at Richmond. His defeat of Shields is fully admitted in official despatches. "The men fought like demons," says an eyewitness. The "magnificent" Fremont is once more in full activity, and is restored to the good graces of the people. He claims a victory at Cross Keys, where he counted five hundred Confederates slain. The fall of Charleston is confidently predicted, the more confidently that the Federals have established themselves in a neighbouring island. With these not unimportant exceptions, we have not much to record in regard to the fratricidal war....

Mr. Lindsay, upon the suggestion of high authority, postponed his motion in favour of a recognition of the Southern States.

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