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[The Great Eastern]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1149, p. 605.

June 14, 1862

The Great Eastern has just finished another successful voyage from New York to Liverpool, at which port she arrived on Wednesday morning, after a detention of nine hours outside the bar for want of water. She left New York on the morning of the 1st of June, and so great was the desire of shippers to send their produce by this vessel that upwards of £1000 worth of freight was left behind. The big ship brings 500 passengers, 56,000 dols. in specie, and upwards of 6000 tons of cargo—consisting principally of wheat, corn, and provisions. While lying at New York the Great Eastern was opened for a few days for exhibition, and upwards of 3000 people daily visited the vessel. On the voyage to Liverpool the ship encountered very severe head winds, yet so steady was her motion that the doctor had a" clean bill of health" all the way.

A parallel case to that of the recapture of the Emily St. Pierre is thus given in the London Journal, of June 9, 1722:—" On the 13th of May last the ship Gilbert, Othniel Beale, master, from Boston, in New England, on his passage from South Carolina, for London, was taken in the English Channel by an Algerine of 38 guns and 400 men, who took out some of the said ship's cargo and all her men except the master, a mate, and a boy, and put on board the second captain of the said Algerine and thirteen men, in order to carry her as a prize to Algiers; upon which they made the best of their way for the coast of Barbary, leaving the privateer in the Channel. They prosecuted their voyage for twelve days, when the master, by a stratagem, regained possession of his ship and brought her safe to the River Thames, with the said fourteen Turks on board."

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