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London, Saturday, June 14, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1149, p. 604.

June 14, 1862


We have elsewhere dealt with the later details of the great American struggle, and it will suffice to add here that a tentative demonstration is being made in France and England with a view to an attempt at mediation. Of the feasibility of such a course, and of the wisdom which may or may not have been shown in the selection of an opportunity, results alone can enable us to speak with any certainty; for the singular temper of the American people, and their willingness to accept submissively from one nation what they would scornfully reject if tendered by another, are circumstances which defeat ordinary calculation of probabilities. The leading organs of the North have, however, of late altered their tone towards France; and

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the series of Federal successes has so exalted the minds of the journalists and those whose feelings they represent that they now do not scruple to apprise the Emperor Napoleon that the services which the Orleans Princes have rendered to the North may justify it in considering, in the event of his taking any line that is disrespectful to the Union, whether American arms may not properly be employed to restore the throne of Louis Philippe to the family that has done so much for the Federals in their time of trouble.

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