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The Steward and Cook of the Emily St. Pierre

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1145, p. 531.

May 24, 1862


We had the pleasure of giving in our last Number a Portrait of Captain Wilson, commander of the Emily St.Pierre, and it is with like pleasure that we give in our present issue Portraits of the two brave men—the steward and cook of that vessel—who so promptly seconded his exertions in regaining possession of the Emily St. Pierre—recapturing her from a prize crew consisting of two officers and thirteen men of the United States' Navy. The circumstances of this daring act, happily crowned with success, and showing in a most remarkable manner how "fortune favours the brave," are too fresh in our readers' memory to need recapitulation. Matthew Montgomery, the steward, is a native of Dublin: he is of small stature, and about twenty-eight years old. The cook, named Louis Schelvin, who is in his twenty-seventh year, is a German, belonging to Frankfort-on-Maine. Purses of gold and silver medals, with suitable inscriptions, have recently been presented to the steward and cook.

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