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Illustration of the War in America

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1141, p. 417.

April 26, 1862


A Tolerably good notion of the strength of the Confederate works at Centreville may be obtained from our Engraving on page 410 [sic] 418 , from a sketch by our Special Artist. It shows two of the redoubts, with the connecting links of rifle-pits and covered ways which extend along the crests of hills for an immense distance, making the position seemingly impregnable with good troops to hold it. The fortifications at Manassas are nothing in comparison with these. Centreville heights is the place which has held the Federal army in check for more than eight months. In two of the embrasures shown in our Illustration are two of the famous "quaker" guns, made of logs, which the Con-

Page 418

federates, by way of joke, leave in place of the genuine articles when they evacuate their stronghold. Protected by the lines is a hutted camp for an entire division, and of these camps there are sufficient to provide quarters for over 100,000 men.

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