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The Diadem Rescuing the Crew of the C. W. Connor

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1139, p. 381.

April 12, 1862


Her Majesty's steam frigate Diadem left Bermuda on the 11th of March, 1862, on her homeward voyage, and the day following a dismasted vessel was descried precisely in the frigate's track. The sky was lowering, with spitting rain; a fresh westerly breeze soon tended to bring the ship close upon the wreck, presenting six men standing upon a small deckhouse, holding on by ropes, and in feebleness welcoming the stranger with hats in hand. The sea made a complete breach over her deck, which was almost completely submerged. A boat was quickly lowered, and in a very short time the shipwrecked crew were placed on board the Diadem, to enjoy the comfort and attention which the ample resources of a British vessel of war could afford. The sequel is soon told. The vessel, which proved to be the C. W. Connor, had sailed from Boston for St. Jago de Cuba with a cargo of timber, brandy, potatoes, and "notions," and had proceeded prosperously until a very heavy gale of wind overtook the ill-fated ship, throwing her on her beamends; nothing was left but to cut away the masts, yet this was not accomplished until she filled with water. Owing to the buoyancy of her cargo she escaped sinking altogether. In this condition the crew, consisting of the master and five men, had remained for five days exposed to the roll of the Atlantic, with no other food than biscuit wetted with saltwater, and what rain water they could lick from off the deckhouse upon which they stood. One man was washed overboard five times, and on each occasion was regained by his comrades in distress. The Diadem, in the course of her voyage, fell in with the American ship Annapolis, bound to the United States, to which the abandoned ship's crew were transferred, carrying with them a liberal subscription from the officers and ship's company, and the hearty wishes of all for their better fortune.

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H.M.S. Diadem Taking Off the Crew of the Dismasted American Ship C.W. Connor, near Bermuda.—See Preceding Page.

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