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Imperial Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1133, p. 216.

March 1,1862

HOUSE OF COMMONS.—Friday, Feb. 21

...American Possession of San Juan.—Mr. Halliburton asked the Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs various questions regarding the possession of a portion of San Juan by the Americans.—Lord Palmerston said the occupation of a portion of San Juan by the Americans took place under an arrangement made in 1859 between General Scott, representing the American Government, and Colonel Douglas, the then Governor of the island. The main conditions were, without prejudice to the claim of either party to the whole of the island, that the occupation should be a joint one. The negotiations which had been going on between the two Governments with a view to a final settlement of the question of occupation, and of the claims over the neighbouring channel, were suddenly interrupted by the breaking out of the civil war. Under the circumstances of the case he did not think it necessary to enter into any details.

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