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London, Saturday, February 22, 1862

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1132, p. 188.

February 22,1862


...Public opinion in the Northern States appears to be calling peremptorily for action on the part of the military authorities; and journals which are usually well-disposed towards the Government do not scruple to declare that unless something be done towards the subjugation of the South it will be difficult to protest much longer against the interference of other nations. The call seems to be heard, and a simultaneous movement of three forces, intended to clear Kentucky of the Southern troops, is announced. Again, we are told that another fortnight will bring us great news. Mr. Jefferson Davis was to be inaugurated as First President of the South on this day (the 22nd), and has selected the especial sacred volume on which "his lips shall be pressed" in ratification of his vow to protect the system of man-stealing and man-selling. The great consideration with the North is, of course, money; and, provided this can be found, it is most probable that the long and magnificent preparations made by General M'Clellan will enable him to strike an important blow, one which will satisfy the honour of the North and permit Mr. Lincoln to listen to terms of compromise. A strange rumour is, however, promulgated, to the effect that the President and his War Secretary design to take the responsibility of commanding the advancing army, while General M'Clellan will be left to act upon the Potomac. We mention this because it is gravely asserted in several journals, but the statement does not seem very truthful.

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