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Parliamentary Papers Concerning the Civil War

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1131, p. 169.

February 15,1862

Parliamentary Papers Concerning the Civil War in America.—Several important Parliamentary papers were published yesterday week. The first consists of correspondence relating to the civil war in America, chiefly between Lord Lyons and Lord Russell. This correspondence goes back as far as Nov. 17, 1860, when the primary elections in the United States had assured the elevation of Mr. Lincoln to the presidential chair. All the momentous events which have occurred in the interval are narrated and discussed. There is a long letter addressed to Lord Russell by Messrs. Yancey, Rost, and Manns, urging that the Confederate States were entitled to be regarded as a Government de facto; and there are other proofs of the activity of those gentlemen. No. 2 is a reprint of the American Bluebook containing all the diplomatic correspondence between Mr. Seward and the representatives of America at foreign Courts. No. 3 contains the correspondence on the question of maritime law which has been raised by the Transatlantic struggle. The fourth paper is on the withdrawal by the United States of Mr. Bunch's exequatur as Consul at Charleston; the fifth is on the seizure of Messrs. Mason and Slidell; and the sixth relates to the Nashville and Tuscarora.

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