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Colonel Samuel Colt

The Illustrated London News, vol. 40, no. 1129, p. 132.

February 1,1862

Colonel Samuel Colt, the inventor of the famous Colt's revolver, died at Hartford, Connecticut, on the 10th ult., in his forty-eighth year. It is stated that the wooden model of his pistol was made on board a vessel while the inventor was on a voyage to Calcutta, in 1829. He received his first patent in 1835, and established a factory in Paterson, N.J., but met with indifferent success. Colonel Colt afterwards invented a submarine torpedo which was intended for the destruction of vessels. He gave two exhibitions of the power of his new invention in the bay off Castle Garden, by blowing up first a schooner and afterwards a large brig. He then established a line of telegraph between New York and Sandy Hook and Montauk, which was intended to announce the arrival of vessels, and to facilitate the dispatch of important foreign news; but this enterprise failed, and Mr. Colt became reduced in circumstances. A year or two later he again got possession of his patent for the revolving pistol, and with the assistance of a few capitalists who joined him a company was formed and a manufactory established at Hartford, which has proved very successful, not only in the making of pistols but in the manufacture of a revolving rifle, which was also the invention of Mr. Colt.

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