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[The Salt Lake Telegraph Mentions]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1350, p. 639.

December 30, 1865

The Salt Lake Telegraph mentions the reported discovery of an unparalleled gold deposit recently made by a German or Norwegian named Brown, who amassed a large treasure ere he was himself discovered. One person who was admitted into Mr. Brown's drift states that it presented a scene of wealth more akin to a picture of imagination than actuality. Gold! gold! gold! met the view on every side--above, below, and all around--and reflected back its rich hues in the glare of the candles, as if this subterranean vault had been hewn out of a solid ledge, fully 50 ft. in width. The gold vein is 3 ft. wide--three fourths of the entire substance therein being pure gold; the remainder mainly bismuth. On each side of this vein there is a casing of 1 ft. of quartz, which will assay from 500 dols. to 2000 dols. to the ton. The very wall-rock is rich.

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