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Head-Quarters of the Fenians at New York

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1347, p. 589.

December 16, 1865


Our New York Correspondent writes as follows, under date of the 20th of November:--

I send you a sketch of the new Club House, or, as it is termed, "Head-quarters," lately established here by the Fenian Brotherhood. The locality chosen by them is a central and very fashionable one, their large and commodious mansion being situated on the north side of Union-square, next door to the Everett House Hotel. Formerly it belonged to a celebrated "elixirist" known as "Dr." Moffat, who made a large fortune by the manufacture of "Phoenix Bitters"--a potion with which, under the present tenure of the building in question, a suggestive coincidence seems to be connected. The leading spirit of the Fenians is no longer termed the "Head Centre," but is now President, and the constitution of the brotherhood is based upon that of the United States. Within a week or two there has been some little excitement on the Canada border arising out of an expected Fenian "raid," and proper precautions have been taken by the Canadian authorities to repulse any attempts that might be made upon the banks by bands of stragglers such as the termination of the civil war here has thrown "upon the loose." It is quite probable that the real object of the Fenian organisation is to centralise Irish influence in this country. Already a common subject of complaint among Americans is that America is "too much governed by the Irish;" and, should the efforts now in motion to make Fenianism take root here prove successful, the revival of the Native American, or "Know-nothing," party will probably be the consequent result.

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