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The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1346, p. 566.

December 9, 1865


...There is little variety in Blackwood this month. The two fictions go on so smoothly and evenly, and so much in accordance with their character at the commencement as to afford hardly any scope for remark...."Memoirs of the Confederate War" continues to throw an occasional side-light upon the history of the contest, which is all that can be expected under the circumstances. It is not Major von Borcke's fault that he is a mere trooper, incapable of an impartial, or even a rational, view of the transactions in which he took part; but it must surely be his own fault that he should have served so long under General Lee without imbibing a particle of the modesty and good taste by which that great commander was characterised....

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