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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1346, p. 550-551.

December 9, 1865


Florida has abolished slavery, repudiated the Confederate debt, annulled the Secession ordinance, and provided for receiving the testimony of coloured persons. The Mississippi Assembly has also passed a bill permitting negro testimony in certain cases. The Governor of Alabama in his message to the Legislature urges the adoption of the Constitutional amendment abolishing slavery, and the passage of a clause for the protection of negroes.

The Governor of Louisiana has called a special Session of the Legislature to elect members for Congress.

A National Republican bill for the reorganisation of the South is to be presented to Congress.

Some prominent citizens of New York gave General Grant a grand reception, at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, on the 20th ult. Two thousand persons were present, including the naval and military official notabilities.

General Weitzel has superseded General Steel in the command in Texas.

Mr. Seward has forwarded to Mr. Adams a general acknowledg-

Page 551

ment of the numerous addresses which were sent from this country to the United States on the occasion of Mr. Lincoln's death. President Johnson, says Mr. Seward, has read the addresses "with profound emotions of sensibility and gratitude." Mr. Seward alludes delicately to his having been laid aside in consequence of the attack made upon him as the reason for these addresses not having been acknowledged separately and at an earlier date, and he trusts that the signers of those addresses will accept this general answer.

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