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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1345, p. 527.

December 2, 1865


Perhaps the news of most interest from New York is that relating to the attitude of the Government towards Mexico, in connection with which General Grant is receiving much popular attention. He has visited the Union League Club in New York, when, in reply to a speech of Mr. Beckman expressing sympathy for Mexico and a firm belief in her coming deliverance, the General said that the speaker's remarks concerning the future of Mexico expressed his own sentiments. The President, on the 14th ult., appointed General John A. Logan Minister, and William A. Browning, Esq., Secretary of Legation, to the "Republic of Mexico." Colonel Browning has been the private secretary of President Johnson, and is now succeeded by Colonel Robert Johnson, a son of the President, in that office. It is authoritatively announced that the Federal Government, in order to preserve neutrality in the Mexican war, will allow no armed parties to pass the Federal frontier, nor permit munitions of war to be sent to either belligerent.

The South Carolina Legislature has adopted the Constitutional amendment abolishing slavery, thus securing the adhesion of the necessary number of States to make the amendment form part of the Federal Constitution.

Mr. Worth, the popular candidate, has been elected Governor of North Carolina by a large majority.

The Fenians have rented a large house in Union-square, New York, which has been fitted up for Government offices.

The States of Wisconsin and Minnesota have voted against negro suffrage.

The sales of Government property in Louisiana has [sic] been suspended; and, according to a New Orleans journal, some troops had been ordered to the Rio Grande.

General Kilpatrick has been appointed Minister to Chili. Before going to his post he will visit Spain on an official mission.

The general Conference of the Mormon community commenced in Great Salt Lake City on the 6th of October, and concluded on the 9th. The meetings were larger than have been seen for years...


Two battalions of volunteers have been ordered to be ready for frontier duty against the Fenians. The 60th Regiment has been ordered from Montreal to Western Canada. These precautionary measures, it is stated, have restored confidence. Mr. Darcy M'Gee has denounced the Fenians as thieves and plunderers.

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