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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1344, p. 502.

November 25, 1865


Captain Henry Wirz has been hanged, in accordance with the sentence of the military commission, approved by the President. He met his fate with fortitude, and earnestly protested his innocence to the last. It is said that his wife, during an interview with him in gaol, attempted to supply him with the means of self-destruction by passing into his mouth from her own while kissing him a bolus of strychnine, but General Baker sprang upon him and choked him until he forced the pill from his mouth.

A deputation of Baltimore ladies have had an interview with the President, and asked the executive clemency for Mr. Davis. The President replied that he regretted the national character of the question restrained all private sympathy they might have awakened in him, and he stated that arrangements were concluded for the early legal trial of Mr. Davis.

The President has announced that the passage of the constitutional amendment is necessary for the full restoration of the Southern States to the Union.

The recent elections have resulted in a decided Republican victory.

It is semi-officially stated that the United States army now numbers 180,000 men of all arms.

The Fenian Senate in New York have adjourned, after a session of two months.

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