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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1342, p. 455.

November 11, 1865


The latest despatches from New York inform us that President Johnson had appointed the 2nd inst. as a day of national thanksgiving.

The correspondence between Earl Russell and Mr. Adams, on the subject of the Alabama's depredations attracts much attention. The New York Times says that if Earl Russell expresses the fixed purpose of the British Government, it is impossible that friendly relations can continue to exist between England and the United States.

President Johnson has declared his belief that universal negro suffrage would breed a war of races, but that qualified negroes should gradually be admitted to the suffrage.

The Secretary of the Treasury has announced that the subscription to the 50,000,000 dols. funding loan is full.

The South Carolina Legislature has assembled, and the Governor's Message congratulates the members upon the benefits which will result from the abolition of slavery and eulogises President Johnson's policy towards the South. It also opposes any act tending to the repudiation of the State debt. General Wade Hampton has been elected Governor of South Carolina. General Howard has announced, at Charleston, that the freedmen's bureau will continue to exercise its authority until South Carolina allows negro testimony in the courts.

The Georgia State Convention has repealed the secession ordinance and appointed a committee to memorialise President Johnson to release Mr. Davis and other Confederate prisoners.

The Fenian Congress has remodelled the Fenian organisation, and has appointed a president, a cabinet, a senate, and a house of representatives.

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