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[A Reduction Having Taken Place]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1341, p. 450.

November 4, 1865

A reduction having taken place in the postage charged by the United States Post Office for the sea conveyance of letters between Panama and San Francisco, such reduction will be applied to all letters between this country and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, San Francisco, Oregon, and the Sandwich Islands, which may be addressed to be forwarded viâ St. Thomas and Panama; and the rate to be paid in future on these letters will be as follows:--For a letter not exceeding ½ oz., 1s. 6d.; above ½ oz. and not exceeding 1 oz., 3s.; and so on, one additional rate of 1s. 6d. being charged for each half ounce or fraction of half an ounce. The postage upon all letters for the above places when addressed to be sent viâ St. Thomas and Panama must be paid in advance.

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