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The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1341, p. 450.

November 4, 1865


Mdme. Parepa has begun a career of almost unexampled success in America. The principal New York and Boston journals are enthusiastic in their descriptions of her vocal triumphs. "It is little more than a month since," says the Illustrated Newspaper, "almost unheralded, save by such encomiums as came to us over the water, Mdme. Parepa made her first d├ębut in America. No attempt was made to forestall public opinion by indiscriminate puffery. She was left to make her way into public favour, if deserving; the manager trusting to the good taste of an American musical public for a satisfactory indorsement. The result has shown the good judgment as well as the talent of Mdme. Parepa; and we have a success that, since the days of Jenny Lind, has not been surpassed, and not even equalled, by that famed artist."--"To-night," says the Evening Gazette, "we are to have, through the liberal arrangement of the Handel and Haydn Society, an opportunity of hearing Mdme. Parepa in a complete oratorio. Haydn's beautiful "Creation" is selected, and a better choice could not have been made. Her superb rendering of "With verdure clad," last Sabbath evening, for which she received unqualified praise from all who heard her, will increase the desire to hear her in this and the many other beautiful songs that abound in the work." "We confess," says another Boston paper, "that, although we anticipated and predicted a brilliant success for Mdme. Parepa, we were scarcely prepared for that degree of enthusiasm which has manifested itself and increased on every occasion, till now her name is upon every lip, coupled with the few really great vocalists who have preceded her. Rarely has an artist visited us who has been so readily and generally accepted by our people as this lady, and it is but justice to add that her uniformly unaffected lady-like deportment has lent an additional charm to her brilliant and graceful efforts in securing this happy result...."

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