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The Cotton-Ship Glad Tidings at Liverpool

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1341, p. 450.

November 4, 1865


The reopening of the American cotton trade this summer has been hailed with grateful joy by many thousands of the working population of Lancashire, and cannot be regarded otherwise than as a great and happy deliverance for the cotton-manufacturing districts of England, irrespective of the results of the Northern victory in the United States, whether as putting an end to the miseries of civil war or as procuring the abolition of negro slavery. It may be presumed that it was by way of expressing congratulation and sympathy with these feelings that the owners of some of the vessels which have lately arrived with cargoes of cotton in the port of Liverpool have thought proper to give them such names as "The Glad Tidings," a ship of that name having entered the Mersey from one of the American ports not many days ago. We present an Illustration of this vessel, with another called "The Freedom," also bringing American cotton, which arrived an hour or two before. We may receive their arrival as an auspicious token of future peace and liberty for America, as well as of prosperous commercial intercourse between America and Britain.

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