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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1341, p. 430.

November 4, 1865


The reconstruction policy of President Johnson is daily gaining supporters. In New York a Democratic Rectification Committee, and also a Republican Rectification Assembly, had been held, at both of which the President's policy was approved. By the former negro suffrage was denounced. Mr. Wendell Phillips, however, has made a speech, in which he said that President Johnson, in his address to the South Carolina delegation, ranged himself among the repentant rebels, making himself three quarters rebel in order that the South might be one quarter Union. Mr. Phillips denounced the indorsement of the President's policy by the Republican Conventions.

Mr. Secretary Seward made a speech, on the 20th ult., at Auburn, in which he said the settlement of national claims would be conducted without compromising the national dignity and honour. He also made allusion to the influence of America on the international conduct of other States, and said that the country would renew the influence it possessed previous to the civil war. He expected to see republican institutions, wherever heretofore established throughout the American continent, speedily vindicated, renewed, and reinvigorated. Afterwards, he should look for signs of its working on other continents.

The evidence in the Wirz trial closed on Oct. 14. The trial ended in a fierce quarrel between the prisoner's counsel and the military judges, in which the former was turned out of court.

The North Carolina Convention had passed a resolution forbidding the recognition of any part of the Confederate debt.

The Fenian Congress at Philadelphia had "decided on an important secret measure," and large subscriptions to the Fenian funds had been promised.

A severe gale has swept the American coasts, causing great destruction to shipping.

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