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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1340, p. 399.

October 28, 1865


A delegation from South Carolina has had an interview with President Johnson. Governor M'Grath presented a memorial on behalf of Mr. Davis. Mr. Johnson replied that pardons must be proceeded with gradually, and an effort made to execute the law. If treason had been committed it ought to be determined by the highest tribunal, even if clemency should come afterwards. There was neither malice nor prejudice in carrying out that duty, and no disposition existed for persecution or thirst for blood. Expressions of mutual confidence passed between the President and the delegation.

The President has pardoned the Confederate Vice-President Stephens and other leading Secessionists.

Mr. M'Culloch, the Secretary of the Treasury, had made a speech advocating a convertible paper currency and declaring that if Congress would fund the legal tender notes the return to a gold standard could probably be effected without causing any serious embarrassment.

Martial law has been withdrawn in Kentucky by order of the President.

General Grant has issued an order for the reorganisation of the army. A large number of troops in Mississippi are to be mustered out, and the whole of the coloured troops.

The North Carolina Convention has passed an ordinance abolishing slavery, and fixed the 9th of November for the election of State officers and members of Congress.

The Republicans have been successful in the State elections in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Iowa.

The Fenian council, after a week's session, issued a circular calling a congress of the whole order to assemble at Philadelphia on the 16th.

San Francisco was visited by an earthquake on the 8th ult., which shook the whole city, demolished some buildings, and left marks, in cracked walls and broken ceilings, on half the structures in the city.

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