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[The Government Officials at Liverpool]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1338, p. 367.

October 14, 1865

The Government officials at Liverpool have completed the return of the emigration from that port for the past quarter. During the month of September last thirty-eight ships sailed under the provisions of the Passenger Act, carrying out in all 13,853 passengers. Of this number 11,455 went to the United States. The nationalities of these were as follow:--2408 English, 223 Scotch, 4534 Irish, and 2878 foreigners. To Canada there were five ships and 1474 passengers. In the steerage there were 663 English, 38 Scotch, 330 Irish, and 214 foreigners. There was one ship to New South Wales, with 441 passengers, of which 55 were English, 80 Scotch, and 357 Irish. To Queensland there were two ships, with 551 passengers, of whom 145 were English, 51 Scotch, and 355 Irish. To Victoria there were two ships, with 37 cabin and 696 steerage passengers; of the latter 300 were English, 51 were Scotch, 336 Irish, and 9 foreigners. This shows a total of 907 cabin and 12,946 steerage passengers. The "short ships," which sailed, for the month, number nineteen in all, and they carried 646 passengers: making a grand total of 14,499. The returns for the quarter show a considerable increase as compared with the previous quarters of this year. In the quarter ending September last the total number of passengers who sailed under the Act was 39,249, while for the corresponding quarter of last year there were only 27,496 passengers, showing an increase for the quarter just ended of 11,753.

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