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The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1337, p. 347.

October 7, 1865


...The Ammobroma Sonoræ (sand-food of Sonora) is an extraordinary root-parasitic plant of the region at the head of the Gulf of California. In a note in the American Journal of Science, by Dr. Asa Gray, we learn that this plant, growing in a forlorn sandy desert, almost covered by the sand in which it lives, was found by its discoverer, the late Colonel A. B. Gray, to form a considerable part of the sustenance of the Papigos Indians of the district, and is said to be very luscious when first gathered and cooked, resembling in taste the sweet potato, only far more delicate.

In a paper read at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, by Mr. Albert Leeds, on the geography and geology of petroleum, he combats the opinion that the flow from the oil-wells will eventually cease, and gives a statement of his reasons, based upon facts, for the statement that henceforth petroleum deserves to be ranked with coal and iron as a solid mining interest. He refers to the evidence we possess respecting the character of bituminous deposits all over the globe....

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