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[The Experiments of Messrs. M'Kay and Beardslee]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1337, p. 334.

October 7, 1865

The experiments of Messrs. M'Kay and Beardslee, from America, with their torpedoes, were made, in the Medway, on Wednesday, with complete success, so far as the sinking of the Terpsichore was concerned. The Terpsichore is an old 18-gun ship. She was selected to put the torpedoes to the test. She was moored in Gillingham Reach, and a torpedo was placed beneath her. After a good deal of preparation, the torpedo was exploded, as usual, by means of the electric current. The shock to the ship was very violent; she seemed to be lifted out of the water somewhat, and her upper deck to be forced upward, where the explosion took full effect; she also reeled under the shock. A large hole must have been made in her bottom, for she began rapidly to fill, going down by the head; and in two minutes and a half she had settled down as far as she could sink.

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