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The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1337, p. 331.

October 7, 1865


...What a mean and ungentlemanly act, to say the very least, is that of Mr. Seward in raking up a more or less apocryphal list of Confederate bondholders in England, and seeking to invest it with the dignity of a State paper. It is the act not of a statesman but of a "cad." What has Mr. Seward, or anyone else, to do with the manner in which gentlemen choose to invest their money? Surely one has a right to back his opinion if he likes, even if, as sometimes happens, he backs the wrong horse. Just imagine Earl Russell publishing a list of the American Cabinet Ministers and Congress men who have made libellous speeches against England! Moreover, this wretched little bit of spite has not even the merit of novelty. It was first published in the New York Herald, and went the round of the American papers more than nine months since. The blunders in nomenclature are simply ludicrous....

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