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The Fenian Movement

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1335, p. 287.

September 23, 1865

...In America the same rumours of an intended Fenian invasion prevail as in Ireland. The New York correspondent of the Times states that the Fenians are remarkably active in the northern States, and that large funds are being collected and sent to Ireland, or expended in the purchase of arms. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of St. Louis, much to his own honour, has gone so for as to exclude members of the association from the rites of the Church. The Fenians at Springfield, in Illinois, have issued an appeal to the Americans for funds to aid an "uprising people." They assert that no "oppressed people" has ever been blessed with a more complete organisation than the Fenian Brotherhood. The day has been fixed for the establishment of a provisional government: 200,000 men are sworn to sustain it; the American and Irish officers who have joined the movement are silently making their way into Ireland; and operations are to be inaugurated sooner, much sooner, than any of you can believe. Each steamer on her arrival at Queenstown from New York or Boston is boarded by the police, who, as a telegram states, search the passengers' luggage for arms or treasonable documents.

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