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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1334, p. 254.

September 16, 1865


According to the New York papers, there is a probability that President Davis will be tried at Norfolk, Virginia, before Chief Justice

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Chase. It is added that General Butler is about to be appointed to assist the Attorney-General in conducting the prosecution. It appears that Mr. Davis continues to be strictly guarded, and that he is not allowed the privilege of correspondence, except with the counsel engaged in his defence. Fortress Monroe despatches of the 31st ult. report that Mr. Davis is ill with erysipelas.

The trial of Captain Wirtz continues, though not without some hitches.

President Johnson has issued a proclamation removing the trade restrictions with the southern States on all articles previously declared contraband of war, subject only to such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe.

A letter from Philadelphia states that the President is contributing by his conduct to add to the great party that is gradually closing around him in support of his measures. He has given the associated press authority to announce that the restoration of the writ of habeas corpus will be ordered at an early day; has telegraphed to the Mississippi Reconstruction Convention that the military will be removed from the State as soon as the new Government is in successful operation; has closed up the Provost-Marshal's offices in Wisconsin and North Missouri, and turned the marshals adrift; and is gradually reducing the military force all over the country.

It is announced that the cotton crop is this year likely to be less than half an average.

A Union mass meeting has been held at Richmond, when resolutions were passed to express indignation at the suspicion of the Northern press and people that the Southerners were insincere in taking the oath of allegiance, and to express their loyalty to the Government, and also their acquiescence in the result of the war, including the abolition of slavery. It was also recommended that similar meetings should be held throughout the south.

The Democratic State Convention of Ohio was held on the 24th ult., and General George W. Morgan was nominated for Governor. The platform adopted opposed centralisation, maintained the doctrine of States rights according to the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions of 1798, but denied the right or power of secession, denounced negro suffrage, the suspension of the habeas corpus, and continuance of martial law; considered the national debt a national curse; and, while regretting the non-ratification, in April last, of the Sherman-Johnson peace agreement, resolved to support President Johnson in all constitutional efforts to restore the seceded States to the Union.

Bands of guerrillas still keep up an organisation in Mississippi. The steamer Keoto was recently captured by them, the officers and crew robbed, and everything portable on board carried off. Outrages and murders are frequent. To check this lawlessness Governor Sharkey has called for an organisation in each county of at least one company of volunteer cavalry and infantry. Cotton-stealing, by the negroes, is also prevalent.

E. B. Ketchum has been committed to The Tombs prison. A meeting has been held of his creditors, when it was voted to accept a dividend of 60 per cent--50 per cent to be paid by Nov. 1, and the remainder in three months. The liabilities are said to be 4,000,000 dols., and the assets 3,000,000 dols. The firm of Thomas Ketchum will resume business; but no provision will be made out of the assets for the payment of E. B. Ketchum's forged cheques.

An extensive bed of pure white marble, susceptible of a lustrous polish, and said to be sufficient in quantity to supply the whole Mississippi valley, has been discovered in Sauk county, Wisconsin.

When last heard from, the Shenandoah was continuing her depredations among the American whalers, and two Federal ships of war have been sent in pursuit of her.

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