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The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1329, p. 171.

August 19, 1865


...Belle Boyd in Camp and Prison. (Saunders, Otley, and Co.) Hard words fortunately break no bones, or the Federals would long since have been a nation of mummies. A better-abused party never carried a war to a successful issue, and by no one have they been more roundly abused than by "Belle Boyd," and her husband, Mr. Hardinge, in these two volumes in which Mr. and Mrs. Hardinge's respective sufferings are recorded. The martyrs do not confine themselves to personal experience; hearsay evidence is by no means excluded. It is probable that when the reader discovers who "Belle Boyd" and Mr. Hardinge were--that the former, had it not been for her sex, would undoubtedly have been hanged early in the war as a spy, and that the latter was a renegade from the Federal cause--he will consider they were treated not too harshly by the authorities, whom it would be absurd to hold responsible for occasional vulgar brutality on the part of underlings. The book is in eminently "bad style," and, with the assistance of the portrait upon the frontispiece, will to a great extent destroy those charming ideas which romance suggested of "la belle rebelle...."

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