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[In the Second Quarter of 1865]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1328, p. 146.

August 12, 1865

In the second quarter of 1865 there went out from ports in the United Kingdom, where there are Government emigration officers, 71,087 emigrants--of whom 52,730 were destined for the United States, 6643 for British North America, 9820 for the Australian colonies, and 1594 for other parts of the world. More than a fourth part of the emigration consisted of persons of English origin; but the number of Irish emigrants was double that of English, and all the former, except a few thousands, went to the United States. The Scotch who left their native country were about 4600. The emigration to the United States was not quite equal to that of the same quarter in either of the two preceding years; and the numbers who went to other destinations also showed a decrease.

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