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The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1327, p. 110.

August 5, 1865


...Macmillan is scarcely so interesting as usual, though it has some valuable papers. The most important is Mr. Ludlow's sketch of the Presidents of the United States, somewhat one-sided in its appreciations, but as lively and vigorous as most of the productions of this very earnest writer. Jefferson scarcely receives justice; the recent reaction in favour of the long-neglected Hamilton having naturally operated disadvantageously to the statesman who represented the opposite order of ideas. Both were eminent men; but it is Jefferson's glory to have comprehended the genius of republican institutions, while his rival scarcely disguised his preference for a limited monarchy. The practical good sense of the American people soon ascertained which of them was to be trusted, and we have no doubt that its verdict will be ultimately confirmed by posterity. Mr. Ludlow makes a strange mistake in calling President Adams a Calvinist: he was precisely the reverse. Professor Cairnes, in his paper on negro suffrage, discusses the most difficult question of contemporary American politics. It is certain that the President cannot confer the franchise on negroes without a violation of law, and it remains for the advocates of the measure to show that such an infringement is demanded by an imperious necessity. Professor Cairnes argues the question very forcibly; but it is one that can only be determined after the most mature consideration. The existence of such difficulties is President Johnson's sufficient justification for continuing to keep a tight grasp on the leading men of the south....

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