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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1326, p. 78.

July 29, 1865


It is reported that the Government is determined to try Mr. Davis by a military commission in consequence of the discovery of additional evidence implicating him in the assassination plot.

Slowly, yet surely, the work of reorganising the southern States continues.

Judge William Marvin, formerly Southern District Judge of Florida, has been appointed provisional Governor of that State, with like instructions to those issued in relation to previous similar appointments. This appointment completes the work of supplying all the Southern States with civil executives, and in once more placing the entire sisterhood of the Union under the direction of Governors, either elected or appointed, acknowledging and in accord with the general Government.

A Virginia delegation waited on the President and asked him to amend the amnesty proclamation by striking out the clause excluding rebels with over 20,000 dols. Mr. Johnson replied that he saw no reason for granting their request.

Judge Sharkez, of Mississippi, has announced that the delegates to the State convention will be elected on Aug. 7.

General Howard, the chief of the Freedmen's Bureau, has instructed his subordinates throughout the south to see that slavery is not reimposed in the form of apprenticeship.

It is officially estimated that the supplies of cotton in the country amount to two million and a quarter bales, exclusive of the new crop.

The "Confiscation Department" has seized much property at Richmond; and the publication of the Richmond Whig has been suspended by the military authorities.

An international trade convention, assembled at Detroit, Michigan, on the 11th inst. There were about 600 delegates present, composed of representatives of the board of trade and commercial associations of various cities of the northern, eastern, and western States, and of the British provinces. An organisation was effected, and other business of a preliminary character was transacted. General Hiram Walbridge, of New York, was chosen president, and vice-presidents for each of the States and provinces were chosen. The object of the convention is thus set forth:—Discussion and conference upon, first, finances; second, commerce; third, lines of transit from east to west; fourth, the reciprocity treaty. The deliberations extended over several days. Various reports and resolutions were submitted, but the convention adjourned without important action.

There is an evident attempt on the part of some members of the Government and leading politicians to create an excitement on the question of Imperialism in Mexico. Secretary Harlan and Mr. Montgomery Blair had made speeches denouncing the French intervention in Mexico and advocating the maintenance of the "Monroe doctrine."

Barnum's Museum and many adjoining buildings, in New York, have been destroyed by a fire which was suspected to have been caused by an incendiary.


A meeting of the Canadian Cabinet was held at Quebec on the 14th inst., and the Governor-General has summoned Parliament to assemble on the 8th proximo.

A report presented, on the 14th inst., by Mr. Howes, of Nova Scotia, contained the declaration that the annexation of the British provinces to the United States has no place in the minds of the people of those provinces, and that should anyone attempt to go to the hustings as an advocate of such a scheme he would be treated as a revolutionist.

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