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Ruins of the Carbine Factory and Railway Station at Richmond

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1324, p. 48.

July 15, 1865

Station At Richmond.

The scenes of havoc and ruin in the city of Richmond after the great conflagration which ensued upon the retirement of the Confederate army and Government, in the first week of April, have already been made the subjects of some of our Illustrations. We present in this Number a view of the ruins of the building which had been occupied as a carbine factory by the military department of the Administration, Richmond being a place where large quantities of arms and ammunition were manufactured during the war. Our second Engraving gives a view of the ruins of the buildings of the Richmond and Petersburg Railway, which here crosses the James River by a bridge already described. Some further Illustrations of this subject, as well as of the flight of the Confederate President into Georgia, will be published on a future occasion.

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