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The Theatres

The Illustrated London News, vol. 47, no. 1323, p. 19.

July 8, 1865


...On Monday the new actor from America appeared at the New Adelphi, in an American play and an American character. Mr. Owens then, for the first time, presented himself before the British public, and produced a new drama, entitled "Solon Shingle." The hero is an American farmer who, in paying a visit to an American village, makes himself at home wherever he is, and practises a familiarity so free and easy that he scarcely recognises any distinction between meum and tuum. The nonchalance and provincialism of the character are very striking and novel; the make-up is admirable. The old man toddles about, and interferes in every thing, intruding himself into a merchant's store at a late hour in the evening, and even into the Court of Justice, standing up as a witness in a cause with which he had nothing to do. In these different situations he spins a variety of yarns, in which the most is made of nothing, the peculiarities of character being brought out by minute details, which have no importance but as they illustrate an individuality. Altogether, this is a remarkable performance, and may make a sensation....

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