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The Flight of Mr. Jefferson Davis into Georgia

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1322, p. 623.

July 1, 1865


Our Special Artist and Correspondent who was lately employed in the service of this Journal at the head-quarters' camp of the Confederate Army in Virginia has furnished us with an Illustration of almost the final scene in the history of the Southern secession. After the surrender of General Lee's army and the abandonment of Petersburg and Richmond, in the first week of April, our Artist went to join the army of General Joseph Johnston, and saw the last shot of the war fired; he then attended the journey of the fallen President, Mr. Jefferson Davis, a distance of 700 miles, to the neighbourhood of Macon, in Georgia, and did not leave the party until it was disbanded, by Mr. Davis's request, two days before his capture. The sketch from which our present Engraving is made was taken by our Artist five days before the capture of Mr. Davis, when passing over the Georgia Ridge, a range of wooded hills forming the boundary line of the State of South Carolina. Mr. Davis is the central figure of the three horsemen riding in front; General Bragg is on his right hand, and Mr. Benjamin, his Secretary of State, on the left; behind Mr. Davis, and on his right hand, is General Breckenridge; next whom is Mr. Regan, the Postmaster-General; the rest of the party are the staff of Mr. Davis and the Kentucky soldiers of his escort. Two or three loiterers by the roadside, in the right-hand corner of our Engraving, seem to be watching the passage of the fugitives with sentiments of deep compassion and regret.

Our Special Artist has returned to this country, bringing with him a series of sketches illustrative of the latest scenes in the history of the Confederate Government. These we shall engrave for early publication.

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