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Foreign and Colonial Intelligence

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1321, p. 598.

June 24, 1865


The Federals are occupying all the military positions in Texas. The artillery at Brownsville had been sold by the Confederates to the Mexican Imperialists. Kirby Smith is said to have gone to Mexico with a large sum of money.

Messrs. Horace Greeley, Wendell Phillips, Gerritt Smith, and others are arguing strenuously against the hanging of Mr. Jefferson Davis. They declare that it would be a gross breach of faith to try General Lee or other pardoned men. In the course of a speech delivered on negro suffrage at the Cooper Institute, New York, Mr. Wendell Phillips observed:--"It is idle to talk of punishing the South. 'You cannot,' said Burke, 'indict a nation. I cannot draw an indictment against a whole people,' said the great British orator. It would be in vain, also, to indict as guilty of murder fourteen States, or to convict them of treason. Every unnecessary severity is cruel; and if this nation is as strong as it seems to be, it does not need vengeance (Applause)....I shall never consent to the death of Jefferson Davis until I fear his life. He is weaker alive, a ridiculous fugitive, than dead and buried in the sympathies of millions. Let him live, then. I once said of John Brown, 'Virginia dared not let him live.' No man, with my consent, shall have it to say of this strong, serenely secure nation, 'It dared not let Davis live.' We are too strong to need vengeance.["]

A great fire has taken place at Nashville, by which Government stores to a large amount have been destroyed.

Georgia is said to be in a starving condition, the negroes refusing to work.

Mr. John Nicolay, formerly private secretary to Mr. Lincoln, is appointed Consul-General of the United States in Paris; and Mr. Hay, Secretary of Legation, was to leave New York, for France, to-day (June 24), by the City of Baltimore.

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