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[The Friends of General Grant]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1319, p. 551.

June 10, 1865

The friends of General Grant in Philadelphia have presented him with a new house, completely furnished. The arrival of the General, with his family, last week, was (says the Boston Congregationalist) characteristic of the man. He made special request of the committee of presentation that there should be no reception or public announcement of his coming, and so careful were the gentlemen at the committee of the General's wishes that, outside of their own number, not twenty persons in the city knew of his coming till he landed at Walnut-street Wharf. The General's Staff for this peace movement consisted of his wife and three children, and maid, and Lieutenant-Colonel Parker, an Indian, who has accompanied General Grant since the beginning of his Mississippi campaign. Before a crowd could gather, the party were welcomed within the doors of 2009, Chestnut-street, by the committee of presentation and a few ladies from their families. George H. Stuart, chairman of the committee, in a brief greeting, that touched all hearts by its allusions to the General's bright career, and the nation's joy and love, presented the deed and the keys of the house. The General's response was briefer still, and he broke down with emotion in the attempt to express gratitude for so generous a recognition of humble service for country. After the introduction to the house in all its apartments, the family were invited upstairs to a collation spread by ladies. The house is one of a block of brick, with brown stone dressing, on Chestnut-street, above 20th. It is new and neat, and, like its occupant, without pretension, and eminently adapted for service. It cost, with the furniture, not far from 50,000 dols.

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