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[President Johnson Commences]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1319, p. 551.

June 10, 1865

President Johnson commences his presidential career with an intimation that he declines to receive any presents. To some wealthy citizens who sent him a splendid carriage and a "span of horses," he writes:--"While I fully appreciate the purity of your motives in thus tendering to me such substantial evidence of your regard and esteem, I am compelled, solely from the convictions of duty I have ever held in reference to the acceptance of presents by those occupying high official positions, to decline the offerings of kind and loyal friends. The retention of the parchment conveying your sentiments, and the autographs of those who were pleased to unite in this manifestation of regard, is a favour I would ask; and I assure you, gentlemen, I shall regard it as one of the highest marks of respect from any portion of my fellow-citizens. Trusting that I shall continue to merit your confidence and esteem in the discharge of the high and important duties upon which I have but just entered, and with the best wishes for your health, &c., individually, I am, gentlemen, yours truly, Andrew Johnson."

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