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Echoes of the Week

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1319, p. 558.

June 10, 1865


...If the stories about the treatment of Mr. Davis at Fortress Monroe be true, so much the worse for American humanity. If they be untrue, the authors of them should be at once punished. The bitterest opponents of that successful Republic, which has now an Ireland--nay, a Poland--of its own, and which holds an enemy who has been far less bitter, less expensive, more courteous, and less abusive and virulent than Napoleon was to us,--her bitterest opponents can wish nothing better than she should iron her enemy, throw him down on his back, and rivet his manacles, while he is begging to be shot rather than thus insulted. To be treated worse than we should treat a furious burglar--to be debarred from book and candle, pen or paper, and to be shut up ironed and alone--is surely beyond the bitterness of death. Really the old country, that "stoopid old grandmother England," comes out brightly in her treatment of Napoleon fifty years ago. He was too shifty and too expensive an enemy to be let loose; but he had an island given to him, he was still Emperor, still waited on by his devoted friends. We did not call in the smith and the manacles. Do, pray, Mr. Johnson, permit the New York press to deny these charges. Slay the victim, if it is to be so; but do not torture him before he be slain....

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