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The City of Richmond, Virginia, after Its Surrender

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1318, p. 537.

June 3, 1865


A general View of the city of Richmond, Virginia, the late capital of the Confederate States, showing the immense havoc made by the conflagration of April 3, is being engraved for publication in this Journal. We give in the mean time a couple of Illustrations, which show the ruins of two of the principal buildings occupied for the storing of military implements and munitions by the War Department of the fallen Government, and which were consigned to the flames by order of their own General, Breckenridge, when their army evacuated the city, early on the Monday morning of the above date. The fire, which thus began with the destruction of the Government offices, workshops, and storehouses, was raging unchecked a few hours later, when General Weitzel, of the Federal army, entered the city with his detachment of negro troops; and, in spite of all his efforts to preserve the city, whole streets were consumed, including many of the shops, warehouses, factories, and flour-mills, with one of the railway stations and several public edifices, which were not, like the armoury and arsenal, appropriated to warlike uses.

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