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[An American Journal States]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1316, p. 510.

May 27, 1865

An American journal states that in the United States there are fifty-three religious sects. Amongst them are ten different kinds of Baptists, nine of Methodists, thirteen of Presbyterians, and two of Quakers. The Baptists number 1,724,373 members or communicants, and the Methodists 1,651,732. The number professing the Roman Catholic religion is 3,177,140. The Baptists are divided into the following curious sects--viz., regular, anti-mission, seventhday, sixprinciple, freewill, riverbrethren, winebrennarians, dunkers, mennonites, and campbellites. The Quakers are divided into orthodox and hicksite.

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