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[The Horror which the Murder]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1313, p. 423.

May 6, 1865

The horror which the murder of Mr. Lincoln has excited in England is being daily expressed in one form or another. The Queen has written a letter of sympathy to Mrs. Lincoln; and both Houses of Parliament have, at the instance of the Government, addressed the Crown, asking that the sentiments which animate them may be known to the Government of America. Besides the two large meetings held in St. James's Hall, of which particulars are given elsewhere, the working classes of London met, on Thursday, at St. Martin's Hall, and passed addresses of condolence with Mrs. Lincoln and the American people. Meetings for a similar purpose have been held in every important town in the kingdom. The usual spring county meetings in Scotland were, with one or two exceptions, held on Monday. At nearly all it was resolved to transmit to the American Minister in London addresses expressive of the sorrow and indignation with which the commissioners of supply and justices of the peace had learned the news of the assassination of President Lincoln, and of their sympathy with the American people under that calamity.

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