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The American Ironclad Monadnock

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1312, p. 406.

April 29, 1865


We have been favoured by Commander Urmston, of H.M.S. Styx, now stationed in Hampton Roads, off Fortress Monro [sic] , with the sketch we have engraved, showing the Federal ironclad Monadnock, one of the best of the Monitor class of vessels, as she appeared when towing the Mohican gun-boat, which had broken down in a gale off Cape Hatteras, on the coast of North Carolina. The Monadnock, which is named after a picturesque mountain in New England, took a leading part in the bombardment of Fort Fisher, and was specially commended by Admiral David Porter for her services on that occasion. After the fall of Wilmington, the Monadnock was ordered up to the James River, Virginia; but a first-class gun-boat, the Mohican, was sent down to convoy her thither. When they arrived off Cape Hatteras a gale sprang up, and the Mohican broke down; but the Monadnock, which had stood the gale much better than was expected, was able to take the gun-boat in tow, and brought her along, it is said, at the rate of seven knots an hour, against a head sea, which is such a feat as no vessel of the kind has ever performed. The Monadnock is a double-turreted vessel, plated with iron 6 in. thick over the sides and 10 in. thick over the turrets. Her length is 250 ft.; breadth of beam, 53 ft.; depth of hold, apparently, 17 ft.; draught of water, 12 ft. Her engines are of about 600-horse power. She carries four guns of 15 in. calibre, throwing 600 lb. shot, with a charge of 60 lb. of powder, or 480 lb. shot, with 35 lb. of powder. She is esteemed by the Americans as a model for their future navy.

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