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[The Memorial to the Memory]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1311, p. 382.

April 22, 1865

The memorial to the memory of David Herbert Llewellyn, late surgeon of the Confederate Alabama, was last week erected in the parish church, Easton, Wilts. It maybe remembered that this gallant man refused to imperil the safety of the wounded when the Alabama was sinking by taking a seat in the boat with them, and went down with the ship amid the balls of the Federal Kearsarge. The monument consists of a handsome black marble slab of pyramidal form, upon which is placed a Latin cross in white marble, of prominent size. At the foot rests a naval anchor and cable, with shot of varying sizes. Leaning against the side of the cross is the wand of Esculapius, and beneath is an entablature with the inscription.

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