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[The Quarterly and Monthly Returns]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1310, p. 343.

April 15, 1865

The quarterly and monthly returns of the emigration from Liverpool show an enormous decrease, as compared with the corresponding period of last year. Twenty-one ships sailed, under the Act, for the United States during the last month, with 6872 passengers, of whom 1445 were English, 519 Scotch, 528 Irish, and 1053 belonging to other countries. To Victoria there were two ships, with 503 passengers, of whom 188 were English, twenty-one Scotch, 283 Irish, and four belonging to other countries. To South America there was one ship, with seventy-one passengers, sixty-eight of whom wore steerage and three cabin; and, of the whole, four were English, the remainder belonged to other countries. Of "short" ships there were six to the United States, with 311 passengers; one to Victoria, with twenty-four passengers; one to the West Indies, with seven passengers; one to South America, with fifty-five passengers; and one to Africa, with fifty-five passengers. The total number of emigrants was 7878, against 14,488 in the corresponding month of last year. In the last quarter there sailed, under the Act, 14,516, while in the corresponding quarter of 1864 the number was 26,547.

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