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Sketches in Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1307, p. 278.

March 25, 1865


...Some member should move for a return of the number of times the "battle of the guns" has been fought in the house this Session. Again this question has been raised with a kind of dismal humour faintly reminding one of the organised witticisms of his ballot-speeches by Mr. Berkeley, and this as a sequitur to a severely accentuated palaver on English policy in the United States affairs, which Mr. Berkeley as a member of Parliament, independent in every possible sense of the term, whether applied to politics or to language, had a safe and harmless right to deliver. Probably the name of Peacocke will not convey any extraordinary notions of eminence in politics and influence in Parliament to the world in America, or the swelling talk and fussy bombast of the member for Maldon might have deserved and invoked a more pointed rebuke than was conveyed in the grim irony of Sir Henry Willoughby, when, with a sarcastic smile on his lips, he conjured Mr. Peacocke not to involve his country in a war with America. The Americans are so sensitive in their feelings towards England that they may even be roused by a voice from Little Pedlington; and therefore it behoves Mr. Peacocke to be cautious and moderate, conscious as he must be of the responsibility which lies upon him....

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