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The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1305, p. 239.

March 11, 1865


...Anything by the Dean of St. Paul's is sure to be read with respectful attention. Fraser commences with a report of his speech before the clerical subscription committee on a subject almost equally interesting to the laity and to clergymen. A review of Merivale's sermons on the conversion of the Roman empire may, probably, be attributed to Mr. Froude. It is very elegant and able. "Virginia, First and Last," is no doubt by Mr. Conway, whose able contributions to this magazine we have before had occasion to notice. The writer's situation is peculiar, he being, at the same time, a patriotic Virginian and one of the most determined opponents of slavery, in America or out of it. His love for his native State is pathetically evident in his description of Virginian homes in the good old times, while he does not disguise the deterioration which has followed the unhappy day when, some thirty years since, Virginia definitively united her fortunes with the Slaveholding States, and excluded the liberal and humanising culture of New England. According to Mr. Conway, the actuating principle of Virginia and the Carolinas is the assertion of State rights, and consequent dissolution of a Union which has become incompatible with them, while the rest of the revolted States regard the destruction of the Union as a means to an end, and that end the propagation of slavery. He seems to foreshadow a breach between the allies on this account....

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