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[Immediately before the Outbreak]

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1302, p. 158.

February 18, 1865

Immediately before the outbreak of the American civil war Mr. John E. Fuller, of New York, one of the oldest members of the Abolitionist party, having been associated with Mr. Lloyd Garrison as long ago as 1830, submitted to the Federal Government, through Mr. Sumner, a calculation proving that the freedom of all the slaves in all the Southern States might be amply purchased for a sum which is considerably less than the actual expenditure already incurred by the Federal Government alone in the course of this war, and this without reckoning the loss by waste of labour and material and by the disturbance of trade. Mr. Fuller, who is a zealous partisan of the Union, though he would have recommended a peace policy, has completed a very interesting statistical chart, showing the territory, population, political distribution, and date of the Constitution of all the States, with the number and aggregate money value of all the bond negroes in the Slave States. The fondness for ciphering and the mechanical ingenuity which distinguish Mr. Fuller's countrymen are further exemplified by his invention of that useful instrument the "Computing Telegraph," or Circular Sliding-Rule, by which the labour of many tedious arithmetical processes is saved, while the desired results are exhibited without the possibility of an error. It would have been happy for America if the conflicting parties of North and South had been disposed to adjust their dispute by a sum thus easily worked.

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