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Imperial Parliament

The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1302, p. 158.

February 18, 1865

...HOUSE OF COMMONS.--Friday, Feb. 10.

...The Convention Respecting The Canadian Lakes.--Sir J. Walsh, pursuant to notice, asked for information relative to the circumstances which had led to the notice given by the Government of the United States of North America to terminate the convention under which England and the United States mutually engaged not to fit out naval armaments upon the Canadian lakes, also respecting the abrogation of the treaty of commerce between the provinces of British North America and the United States, and moved for all papers and correspondence connected with these subjects.--Lord Palmerston said he did not intend to go into any explanations in reference to the relations of this country with the United States, because he did not think that such a discussion, at the present time, would be productive of any good effect. He did not, however, consider, looking at all the circumstances of the matter, that the notice to terminate the convention could be construed into an exhibition of hostile feeling towards this country. Certain things had taken place of which the United States' Government had reason to complain; and if they could by any means protect the property of their citizens they were surely justified in so doing. With regard to the Reciprocity Treaty, no official notice could be given to terminate it until the 15th of March, when the fixed period of ten years would have elapsed....

The House then went into Committee....

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