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The Illustrated London News, vol. 46, no. 1300, p. 110.

February 4, 1865


...Macmillan, as usual, aspires to and attains a higher level, but fulfils its aim less perfectly. The best article is undoubtedly that in which Professor Masson records his recollections of his deceased friend, Agostino Ruffini....

Next in interest to this tribute to the dead is Professor Goldwin Smith's professedly slight and imperfect portrait of a great living celebrity--President Lincoln. The ludicrous falseness of the popular estimate of this remarkable man must by this time have become apparent to all capable of reflection. Mr. Smith has contributed towards the formation of a better one by some judicious observations; but, in particular, by simply letting us see how the President is wont to express himself on great occasions. No man, it must be conceded by all who read this paper, could have spoken more simply and nobly over the dead at Gettysburg; more firmly, and at the same time wisely and moderately, on the question of emancipation; more tersely and unanswerably than in rebutting the charges of illegal arrests. The same spirit pervades all these utterances--that of a magistrate severely conscious of his responsibilities, disinterested, energetic, circumspect...

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